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Professional NON SLIP Veterinary Dog Puppy Vet Bedding LG PAWS RED GREY PIDGYTALK

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This medical grade bedding is used by those involved in the care and welfare of all kinds and breeds of animal. Ribbed non slip backing makes it ideal for use with ceramic tiles, wood laminate flooring, dog cages / crates or car boot liners. 30mm high pile offers comfort, warmth, and protection which is why it is used by kennels / catteries and pro breeders as standard bedding for all their animals. Washing instruction: Machine wash on a wool cycle or 40 degrees and a cool tumble dry Non Allergenic, non-toxic and non-irritant. Will not harbour bacterial growth. The double woven open weave backing allows bodily fluids to pass through the mat, into a receptacle or absorbent pad keeping your pet dry. Can be autoclaved and is quick drying. Vet Bedding is suitable for all types of animal. Used for WHELPING, KITTENING, COMFORT AND WARMTH OF PUPPIES AND KITTENS AND OLDER ANIMALS WHERE THERE MAY BE A RISK OF HYPOTHERMIA, HOSPITALISATION, FOR DISABLED ANIMALS OR ANIMALS WITH ARTHRITIC JOINTS, CAR TRAVELING, CRATES AND CAGES. The photographs in our listings do not do our quality fur fabrics justice. Due to camera and monitor settings, the colours and designs in the pictures won't be 100% accurate. If you need an exact colour match, we do recommend you purchase a samples beforehand. Width 1.5 metres - (60") Sizes are approximate. Centimetres Inches 50cm x 37cm 19.5" x 14.5" In 75cm x 50cm 29.5" x 19.5" In 150cm Width x 50cm 60" x 19.5" In 150cm Width x 100cm 60" x 39" In 150cm Width x 500cm 60" x 196" In 150cm Width x 1000cm 60" x 396" In 10cm x 10cm Sample 4" x 4" Sample 100cm x 76cm 39" x 30" 150cm x 90cm 60" x 35.5" 120cm x 75cm 47" x 29.5" 150cm x 75cm 60" 29.5" 150cm x 150cm 60" x 60" 75cm x 75cm 29.5" x 29.5" 90cm 75cm 35.5" x 29.5" Please beware orders outside of the United Kingdom may have to pay extra postage on 5 metres or more. Please contact before ordering for a quote.

Professional NON SLIP Veterinary Dog Puppy Vet Bedding LG PAWS RED GREY PIDGYTALK

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