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Sylvan Dog Kennel lockable outside house comfortable protection Medium KFJMPEOOX

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Sylvan Style Dog KennelMedium - 119cm x 86.7cm x 86.5cmLarge - 140cm x 110cm x 95cmLockable doorRaised off ground to protect dog from cold and damp

Dog Kennel Sylvan Special is the ideal kennel if you need to leave your dog on his own for short times and don't want to leave him inside the home. This kennel offers space to house your dog comfortably and safely outdoors while you mow the lawn or go shopping. The kennel features a lockable, roofed patio that gives your dog optimal protection from sun and rain. The light spruce wall elements are delivered readily assembled. Combined with the metal fence in stainless-steel style, Dog Kennel Sylvan Special comes top for functionality and attractive appearance. It will turn your dog into a proud home owner! The pitched roof on Dog Kennel Sylvan Special is covered with green roofing felt and features decorative borders at the front, back and top. Apart from being a beautiful feature, these edges also ensure resistance to wind and rain. A wide roof overhang ensures both your dog and the kennel stay protected from the weather. Dog Kennel Sylvan Special is constructed to allow for approx. 5 cm space to the ground, protecting your dog from cold and damp off the ground. Plastic coating protects the wooden feet from rotting. The kennel is extremely easy to assemble. All you need is a screw driver. Important: Your dog kennel should not be too large: your dog should be able to create and maintain a comfortable level of warmth with its own body heat. An excessively large dog house increases the risk of the dog becoming cold easily. Tip: Provide your dog with a cosy home by adding an insulating blanket. Metal bars/distance Medium - 1.5cm/7cm Large 1.5cm/8cm Entrance to patio W x H - Medium 48cm x 46.5cm Large - 56.5cm x 52.3cm Entrance to closed kennel part W x H - Medium 26.7cm x 43cm Large - 36.5cm x 50cm

Sylvan Dog Kennel lockable outside house comfortable protection Medium KFJMPEOOX

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